Howlett reflects on life’s amusements in new book, I Don’t Need No Scruples

March 20, 2014

With 32 years in the newpaper business, Michael Howlett knows the world is a much too serious place. To lighten the seriousness of the news, Howlett began incorporating a humorous column in the paper. His columns address serious, as well as, trivial issues and help to bring some levity to the world. Some of his zany commentaries are now available in his new book I Don’t Need No Scruples.

The book is a compilation of some his most popular columns dealing with first dates, trashy Christmas decorations, boobies, underpants, the God Particle, and a horse named Sphincter. These ravings present a view of the world that is both twisted and insightful, and may cause one to laugh out loud or to exclaim, “Is he out of his mind?”

Howlett embarked on his writing career at The Galax Gazette in the late 70s. While he was employed there, the Virginia Press Association honored him with a Best Creative Newspaper Advertising award and a Best Sports Feature Writing award, while Landmark Community Newspapers selected him for the Most Creative Ad Idea award.

In 1983 Howlett began a 15-year stint as sports editor for The Mount Airy News. During that time, the North Carolina Press Association (NCPA) honored him with a Best Sports Feature Writing award. He then moved to the position of news editor where the NCPA continued to recognize his talents with several awards for Serious Column Writing and Lighter (Humor) Column Writing. In addition, he was part of a team that received an award for the Best Special Section. After eight years as news editor at Mount Airy, Howlett retired, only to resurface at The Carroll News in May of 2012.

He has also received numerous plagues and commendations from various sports and community organizations over the years, including the 2002 Charles D. Atkins Memorial Football Camp Service Award, but the best awards he’s received during his career are the thanks and other positive comments that have come from readers.

Howlett admits that his 32 years in the news business “opened his eyes to the need for humor in our lives.” I Don’t Need No Scruples lets the reader sneak into a creative mind that has been slightly twisted by all that straight news, as well as life, experiences.

I Don’t Need No Scruples was published with CreateSpace Independent Publishing and is available for purchase at retail book dealers Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Books A Million. It is also available in the Kindle format. Locally, the book can be purchased at Omega Office Supply and Printing and The Carroll News in Hillsville, Chapters Book Store in Galax, and Back in the Day in Fancy Gap.

Michael Howlett can be contacted at 276-728-7311 or on Twitter@MikeEHowlett