Allen House, Mabry Mill models donated to local museum

Submitted by Linda Owens Stanley

November 6, 2013

Ed Zimmerman of Mount Joy, PA. recently donated a model of the Sidna Allen House and a model of Mabry Mill to the Carroll County Historical Society Museum. Ed Stanley, president of the Historical Society, traveled to Mount Joy to accept the models and to transport them back to Hillsville.

In the 1960’s, when Mr. Zimmerman was discharged from the Navy, he married a local girl. He lived north of Hillsville in the Coon Ridge area and later in the Snake Creek area.

Mr. Zimmerman was very interested in the history of Carroll County. He read books about the Courthouse tragedy and the Baldwin–Felts Detective Agency. He also has known relatives of some of the individuals in the courthouse tragedy.

The Sidna Allen House Model has 10,668 hand-cut shingles on the roof, made to look like slate. The front door of the Allen House has stained glass in it. He tried to make both the models as close in appearance to the originals. He made the models from photographic memory. Both models became a challenge to make.

His father-in-law operated the Gardner Mill for years. Mr. Zimmerman repaired the gate in Mill Race and sharpened the millstones. Most all of the mills were run by water to grind flour, corn meal, etc. He had visited Mabry Mill several times and thought it would be interesting to make a model of it, as well. The Mabry Mill model has 600+ hand-cut shingles on the roof, flour sacks inside the door, and many other details.

Mr. Zimmerman had to retire seven years ago because of health related issues. He recently decided to contact the Carroll County Historical Society to see if they would be interested in having the models in their Museum. He wanted to donate them as part of their local history. He felt this is where they belong. Someday, Mr. Zimmerman hopes to be able to visit the inside of the Allen House.

You can see these amazing replicas at the Carroll County Historical Society Museum, located in the old Courthouse on North Main Street. The hours are Tue - Fri: 10:30 - 4:00 and Sat: 10:00 - 2:00.