County to take over Woodlawn School on Oct. 15

By Allen Worrell Editor

September 18, 2013

With the Carroll County Board of Supervisors scheduled to take over Woodlawn School from the Carroll County School Board on Oct. 15, supervisors have appointed a committee to oversee the transition.

Supervisor Dr. Tom Littrell brought up the topic at the county’s Sept. 9 meeting. Littrell, who missed the supervisors’ August meeting, said he noticed in the minutes from August that Woodlawn School had been mentioned.

“I think probably sooner than later that property will become the responsibility of the board once the school board gives up use of that. And I thought it might be a good idea to consider appointing a committee from the board to look at possible future uses of the Woodlawn School property, and what needs the building itself might need as far as weatherization and whatever it might need to ensure that it is not getting moldy and just maintain the property,” Littrell said. “I have talked to some of the past maintenance folks and they said the boilers are not in terribly good shape, so I think that is something we need to be proactive about rather than reacting to it once we get the property.”

Littrell said he would serve on the committee, and Supervisor Sam Dickson also volunteered to serve on the committee. Dickson said he talked to people in Carroll County Schools’ Central Office, and they told him the property would be turned over to the county on Oct. 15.

“Really that is going to come to us a little quicker than realized I guess and we already had some requests about using the building,” Dickson said. “Vickey Ritchie for one (with the Carroll County Special Olympics) uses it every Sunday, mostly during winter of course, and it is very important to her program. We probably need to work on an interim plan to allow people to use it if we can afford it until we decide what we want to do with it.”

Supervisor Bob Martin, who recently served as principal at Woodlawn School, said the need is worse than most realize because the gymnasium at Woodlawn is used seven days a week.

“I can tell you that the school system will be in a real bind if they can’t use the gymnasium because it is always (in use by basketball, soccer, baseball and softball teams),” Martin said. “It is huge during the school year, being used five afternoons a week, and then on the weekends you’ve got recreation basketball or whatever going on Saturday and Sunday. And then outside I can tell you it is used constantly.”

Littrell said perhaps one of the first things the committee should do is to take an inventory of the current usages of the building.