The Decorators Fabric and Sewing Room opens in Fancy Gap

By Allen Worrell Editor

September 7, 2013

Cathy Walker has been in love with Carroll County and the Blue Ridge Parkway ever since she moved here from High Point, N.C. a little over five years ago.

But still, she said she felt like something was missing. To fill that void, she and her husband Leroy opened The Decorators Fabric and Sewing Room in Fancy Gap about a month ago.

“I told him I really think there is a need for decorative fabric - custom fabric for custom design for the people that live up here, but also for the people that have second homes. There are a lot of people that have moved here from other states, so I want to accommodate everybody,” Walker said. “Anyway I can help, I will.”

So far, the response from the community has been great, Walker said. Most items in The Decorators Fabric and Sewing Room are geared toward interior design. Walker designs her own pillows, beddings and window treatments, and even does shams, dust ruffles and duvets.

“Duvets have a zipper in them. You put an insert in it so when you clean it you just unzip it and take the cover off. And I usually do those reversible so it gives you two different looks in your bedroom. You will have one fabric on one side and one on the other,” Walker said. “You can flip flop them and that gives you two different looks. As you can see, we have beautiful fabric.”

Walker is also a decorating consultant. Although she tries to put her fabrics in the shop to where they are already fairly coordinated together, if someone needs a certain look in their home, she can help them.

“Most ladies know already what they want when they get in here but I will help them out with that,” Walker said.

The Fancy Gap shop also offers treat bags and Santa bags made from burlap on the outside and lined with silk on the inside. Treat bags can be purchased pre-filled if necessary, or can be filled with beverage bottles, homemade cookies, jams or jellies.

“The Santa bags can be used to put your kids’ toys in or just to have for décor at the fireplace,” Walker said. “We even have one for guys with an old truck on the bag. I have already set a few Christmas items out because people are already looking.”

She also wants The Decorators Fabric and Sewing Room to be a gathering place for the ladies.

“If they want to come and just hang out, I want it to be real inviting,” Walker said. “I always have coffee and little candies in the front of the shop.”

The Decorators Fabric and Sewing Room is located at 7833 Fancy Gap Highway, next to Kyle Realty in Fancy Gap. Hours of operation are from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, and from 10 a.m. until “whenever” on Saturdays. The shop can be reached by calling (276) 728-2555.

“We moved here from High Point and we love it up here. It is the most peaceful place I have ever been,” Walker said. “I plan to be here until my toes are turned up.”