Life’s Perfect Moments

Wednesday Morning Coffee Break By Janie Mabe

August 19, 2013

Perfect moments can come at any time in any place; it’s all in the mind. Think of a time when it seemed like the stars were aligned, events and circumstances were just so, and you allowed yourself to just be and drink in the moment. You could be plunging from a plane tethered to a parachute, slowly floating to the earth from a breathtaking height never before experienced. Or enjoying the absolute peace and quiet of an early morning, watching a loved one sleep as sunlight filters through the windows to announce the dawning of a new day. When I remember past blissful moments they almost always involve absolute quiet, but the silence can be from within, while there is noise all around in the near or far distance. It’s that rare internal silence, a suspension of worry or distracting thoughts of the day.

Most of these moments occur at dusk, my favorite time of day. Regardless of whether being viewed over a body of water, from behind mountaintops or tall buildings there is something miraculous about nature’s daily light show.

Recently, after an unusually active day, having accomplished most of the day’s intended tasks, I noticed the colors beginning to form in the western sky. Even though there were still things to do (aren’t there always?) I was drawn outside to just enjoy the beauty. It was one of those stars aligned moments; cool enough that the mosquitos were mercifully asleep, a soft breeze blowing; the close of an exceptionally beautiful August day. For the next hour or so the western sky gradually turned every imaginable shade of pink, chartreuse, deep peach, red, amber; a seemingly infinite number of shades and combinations of colors for which even the most articulate of artist would have trouble finding a name. The clouds through which the sunlight was being filtered went from white, to soft pastel blue, to grey blue, to deep purple.

Jumbo jets, usually noisily shooting by, were sparkling silver bullets floating through the air on their way to a nearby airport. Birds soaring overhead were in stark relief against the clarity of the light behind them. The world was saying goodbye to a day like no other and one that would never come again, in a fusion of soul soothing beauty. Perfection.

Ah just take these moments when they come, store them away in that special place where you can remember and draw upon when needed. Be greedy and squeeze out of your days as many of these moments as possible. They are the fuel that propels us through the not so perfect times. They are a reminder that it all balances out; for every tragedy there is a miracle, every rainy day that is another one full of sunshine, and for every evil there are a thousand blessings.