A conversation with … Amanda Bourne

August 18, 2013

Name: Amanda Bourne

Family Members: Fiancé, Michael Parris; daughter, Autumn Elizabeth Bourne; parents, Kathy Surratt and Don Surratt.

Occupation and why you selected it: Tourism Relations Manager - After moving away to work, I quickly realized that Carroll County was where I wanted to live, work, play and raise my family.

Where are you from originally? Fancy Gap, VA

What clubs, groups, church and community organizations do you belong? The Devils Den Nature Preserve Board, Round the Mountain, Southwest Virginia’s Artisans Network Vice President and Board of Directors, The Crooked Road Board of Directors, The Blue Ridge Parkway Association Board of Directors, and The Carroll County Fair Committee & Horse Show Chair. My church membership is currently with First United Methodist Church in Hillsville.

Education: Ashford University, undergraduate work in biology; American School of Equine Dentistry - equine dental technician - Virginia EMT-B.

What would you be doing if you weren’t doing what you do now and why? Farming full-time; I love the Farm and adore animals of all kinds.

What is the best part of your job? Meeting people from around the country and world, and sharing with them all the assets we have to offer in our county and region so they can have a lasting impression of how special our area is.

What is the least favorite part of your job? Hmmmmm. A little envious that I am not the traveler. I love to travel, and experience the culture and experiences that places have to offer.

What is something most people don’t know about you? That I am an equine (horse) dentist.

Favorite food: I love anything fresh, natural and if its local that’s even better…. I hate processed and packaged food.

Favorite writer and/or book: Most any non-fiction book and especially books that you can implement practices into your life. Some that come to mind is the “Paleo Solution,” “Total Money Make Over” by Dave Ramsey. Monty Roberts would have to be my favorite writer I suppose because of our shared love for horses.

Favorite music and/or performer: Bluegrass, country, rock n’ roll, big 80s fan…. I love it all music speaks to the soul.

Share your favorite memory in your life to date: As an individual I would have to say the day that I met my soul mate and a close second would be the day I got my first horse. As a mother I would have to say definitely the day my daughter was born. These memories are what shape my life.

Name something you find very irritating and why: People who do not speak their mind or stand up for what they believe in. People who complain about their situation, but do nothing to fix the problem.

What is the best advice you were ever given and who gave it? It would have to be the advice of my dear friend Donna Kaye McIver. “If you don’t like what life is throwing at you just now wait six weeks and it will change” as you say you can do most anything for six weeks. I have found this to most always be true. What’s a crisis today rarely ever is in six weeks. This has helped me through some tough times. I love you Donna Kaye!

What else would you like the people of Carroll County to know about you? When I graduated from Carroll County High School like many others I wanted to move away and live anywhere but Carroll County. My parents took the time that summer to take me around the United States as a part of my graduation present; we were gone for six weeks. When I returned home I knew that wherever life took me Carroll County was where my heart would always call home. We are more blessed than we take time to realize. I enjoy promoting Carroll County and being a part of sharing it with others.