Alley arrested after crashing stolen vehicle, attempted carjacking

August 13, 2013

A 23-year-old Carroll County man has been charged with multiple felonies after police say he stole a car Saturday in Galax before totaling the vehicle, punched a 91-year-old man and attempted to carjack other vehicles.

Dustin L. Alley, 23, of Woodlawn, has been charged with malicious wounding, attempted carjacking, hit and run - all felonies - as well as DUI, reckless driving, driving on a suspended license, and a seat belt violation, by the Virginia State Police, as well as grand larceny, reckless driving and operating a vehicle after his license was suspended.

According to Virginia State Police Trooper J.D. Delp, the incident occurred Saturday afternoon when Alley noticed a 2000 Dodge Dakota pickup truck owned by Garnett Alan Price of Galax running unoccupied in the parking lot of Blue Ridge Tobacco and Candle Outlet in Galax. Delp said Alley took the opportunity to jump in the vehicle and take off.

Delp said Alley apparently went down Cranberry Road before heading westbound on U.S. 58 before eventually ending up on Glendale Road in Galax. Alley began losing control of the vehicle in front of Wolfe Glade Grocery when he went off the road to the left in front of Gladeville School, struck several mailboxes, several road signs, and a telephone pole. Delp said Alley knocked down the utility pole, causing power lines to fall on top of the overturned truck before it finally came to rest in a residential yard.

Delp said at that point Alley got out of the truck through a broken windshield before approaching a vehicle driven by Jessie Willard Spencer, 91, of Woodlawn.

“This 91-year-old fellow going toward Galax on Glendale Road stops when he sees all this happening. This kid climbs out, opens his passenger door, punches him in the side of the face, breaks his glasses and tries to take his car,” Delp said. “This 91-year-old pulled his keys out and put the end of the key that goes into the ignition under this boy’s chin like a poker and pushed him off of him.”

Spencer informed Delp that Alley also tried to choke him before Alley left and tried to bang on the windows of a couple of other vehicles. When nobody would let Alley in, he ran toward Pleasant Acres Trailer Park near Lowe’s Hardware.

“The Galax Police Department came when they got the report of the stolen vehicle, and they heard a wreck with a similar description of the vehicle,” Delp said. “They came out and ran him down and caught him and placed him under arrest.”

Spencer was treated for an eye injury at Twin County Regional Hospital after the confrontation with Alley. The wreck caused an extensive amount of damage near Gladeville School, Delp said.

“He clipped the phone pole, which had significant damage. The phone and cable was knocked out for a while. And there were many mailboxes and road signs destroyed,” Delp said. “Of course, the vehicle was totaled. It was bent up into an upside down V-shape when they got it out of there. It was probably the biggest wreck there around Gladeville in quite some time.”