Local historian releases new book on life and crime in Carroll County

July 20, 2013

Ron Hall, local historian and author, has released a new book on Carroll County’s history. This book, entitled “A Hundred Years of Life and Crime in Old Carroll” is a compilation of news articles about the county covering the period from 1860 to 1960, just as they appeared in newspapers across the country.

Carroll County, being located in a remote part of the state of Virginia, was even more remote to readers of newspapers of yesteryear. Nevertheless, news from this rural section found its way into the newspapers of the day upon occasion partly because the outside world considered this area to be as wild as the American Southwest.

Scattered throughout the document are period advertisements which may hold some interest for the reader… they certainly do for the author. Of special note are some of the medical claims they made which today’s informed reader would immediately recognized as untruthful or at least unproven.

Spread through the book are notes by the author further explaining some obscurity in the story.

The book will hold great interest for the citizens of the county and they well may learn something about their ancestors… maybe good; maybe not so good.

The proceeds of the book have been donated to the Carroll County Historical Society and it is for sale at the Carroll County Museum and will later be in other locations. It is also available via mail-order.

$ A JULY SPECIAL ONLY PRICE $… Price for the book is $12 and to ship would be an additional $3.

You can send your check or money order to:

Carroll County Historical Society

P.O. Box 937

Hillsville, VA