Carroll agencies working to improve school security

Allen WorrellEditor

January 23, 2013

According to Carroll County Board of Supervisors’ Chairman David Hutchins, multiple agencies throughout the county are working on ways to improve school safety and security in wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy.

Though Hutchins didn’t specifically mention Sandy Hook Elementary, the Connecticut school where a gunman took the lives of 26 people in December of 2012, the Chairman talked about the large amount of violence that has taken place nationally in the past few weeks during the board’s Jan. 14 meeting. After asking for a moment of silence, he addressed many who’ve questioned how Carroll County plans to improve its school security going forward. He said the topic has been discussed in many newspaper articles and social media forums.

“It seems that most everyone has a cure and a solution to a problem that’s probably systemic and it’s probably a lot larger than we think,” Hutchins said. “What I would like to say from this board and Carroll County is while you may not be reading on the front page of the paper different things that are occurring, there is a lot of action going on in the background.”

Hutchins said there is much work currently going on locally to coordinate efforts from all the agencies within Carroll County, and to some degree within the region and state.

“Local efforts are all being done. It is work within the school system, within our own Sheriff’s Department, within the Commonwealth Attorney’s office, it is department-wide across the county,” Hutchins said. “And those are being done to make sure that we continue to improve the security and safety of our schools. Solidarity is one of the things that’s been there, and that group is working together. Do not expect to see it in the newspaper. Do not expect to see different things announced, but there are plans and processes going into place to do the very best we can to improve that situation.”

On behalf of the board, Hutchins thanked the Sheriff’s Office and others locally who have been addressing the situation.

“So you won’t see it in writing, it won’t be in the paper, but know there are efforts going on and it is continuing,” Hutchins said.