PSA announces completion of Fancy Gap water project

Allen WorrellEditor

December 14, 2012

The Carroll County Public Service Authority’s goal to bring commercial water to all four Interstate 77 exits in the county is now a reality with the completion of the Fancy Gap water project.

During the PSA’s Dec. 12 meeting, Executive Director Gary Larrowe informed the Authority that the Fancy Gap water project is now complete.

“It has been a goal of this PSA since 2008 to get commercial water and sewer to each exit, and now that has happened. Now all we are lacking is completion of the sewer project already started at Fancy Gap to complete all those goals,” Larrowe told The Carroll News. “I think that is important to have commercial water and sewer available at each exit. Prior to this PSA and the last Board of Supervisors, that was not the case.”

Larrowe told the PSA that 68,400 feet of line has been installed in the construction phase of the water project. That figure represents 100 percent of the work.

“It’s the first time we can announce that the system out there is operational and every one of those customers are getting water,” Larrowe said. “We are letting the landowners know that and we are dropping meters at the same time so we can work with local folks to get them hooked up. That is a wonderful Christmas present for the PSA as well.”

The water pump station is also operation and has been placed in service to support the system, Larrowe said. The water storage tank contract associated with the project on Beamer’s Knob is also operational.

Larrowe said it is important to note that the sewer side of the Fancy Gap project has not been completed yet. Approximately 22,900 feet of gravity sewer line has been installed, representing about 72 percent of the total sewer line work. Approximately 8,400 feet of the force main has been installed, which represents about 75 percent of the work. Work on the bores under Interstate 77 continues, Larrowe said.

In total, Carroll received a federal grant of $2,689,000 and a low-interest loan of $1 million in 2009 to bring a public water system to Fancy Gap. The county also received a federal grant of $2,373,000 and a loan of $2 million for the wastewater system for Fancy Gap for a total of $8,062,000. At the time of the announcement, the water project was scheduled to make public water service available to 190 potential customers, while the wastewater project was scheduled to serve 65 existing homes and businesses.