Desert island playlist

I recently read an article that asked the question “If you were stranded on a desert island, what 10 albums would you choose to have with you?” This particular desert island has electricity, as well as a turntable and speakers, so all you need to do is select the albums. I threw that last part in there for those anal retentive types who might ask, “How do you plan to play them on a desert island?” Hey, we’re imagining here.

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Tubing on death river

After taking in Hillsville’s July 4 activities, the family and I decided that a nice way to spend the next day would be to rent some tubes and leisurely float down the New River. Now, some of you may remember the last time the family and I decided to do something leisurely, yes, it was a horse ride. Well, that turned ugly when a vicious beast by the name of Sphincter tried to kill me. With Sphincter out of the picture, I was set for a relaxing drift down the river. Little did I know tha...

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A step back in time

I took a step back in time recently. No, it wasn’t a H.G. Wells time machine-type thing, although that would have been exceedingly cool. It happened by simply attending a movie in Martinsville. Now, usually when the Mistress of the Manor and I visit our beloved daughter and son-in-law, and decide to attend a movie, we travel 30 miles down the road to Danville, which has a modern theatre. However, on our most recent visit, because of time constraints, we did not.

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Our bodies are worth a bunch

Today, we’re going to talk about selling our bodies. Now, the first thing one needs to do when thinking of selling his or her body is …. wait … I think some of you may be getting the wrong idea. I don’t mean selling our bodies in that way, you naughty monkeys. No, I’m talking about selling individual body parts, as well as excretions, to totally respectable businesses for totally legal tender. No street corners, no guy in a fur coat, no beatings.

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